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Pool Renovations

UV-C Ionizer

Ultra Violet sterilizer and Ionizer in 1.
75 Watt UV-C for swimming pools up to 75, 000 L

By using Blue Lagoon you can have a chlorine free pool which can be a back-up water supply in the event of our dams running dry.

This revolutionary combination of UV-C sterilization and copper Ionization means you can have a chlorine/

chemical free pool.

Advantages of a Blue Lagoon UV-C Ionizer:
  • Eco friendly water sterilization
  • Crisp, clean and clear pool water
  • The pool’s backwash water can be used on your garden
  • Protects your pool from germs, mould, bacteria and algae
  • Low dosage Copper keeps algae under control when the pump is no t running
  • No more chlorine, no more salt
  • No more red eyes not skin irritation
  • Low power consumption of only 75W
  • Complete with unions. Fits 63mm and 50mm glued and 40mm threaded pipe work
  • Test strips for copper, alkalinity and pH are provided
  • Made in the Netherlands

The Blue Lagoon UV-C Ionizer only doses between 0.4 to 0.7 ppm! This amount of copper dosed in the water is

within the South African DWS drinking water quality guidelines (0 - 1 ppm) and will not stain the pool.

Ultra Violet sterilizer and copper Ionizer in 1, a single unit is suitable for pools up to 75,000 L.

The system can be placed parallel to accommodate bigger pools.