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Pool Renovations

Stainless Steel Products

We can supply these and many more

Water Spout

A stainless steel “letterbox” build into a wall that creates a sheet of water coming out of the wall. Available in various sizes

Tap Spout

A Tall stylish supply inlet for Spa Baths or as a continuous flow water feature Size : 700mm High and 185mm Wide


The unique classical design of the freestanding curved C-Spout lends to the ultimate almost silent waterfall for the most refined therapeutic value. Available in two sizes: 350mm wide x 480mm High and 450mm wide x 780mm High

Deck Spout

A Smaller version of the C Spout, available in 2 sizes: 200mm wide x 140mm high and 300mm wide x 140mm high

Pipe Spouts

A plain but effective water feature

Fan Spouts

Easy to install, it will break the silence and/or reduce traffic noise

Adjustable Ball spout

Fits a normal aimflow fitting, you direct where the water goes. Often installed on the sides of the pool to provide Arc of water over the pool

Adjustable Aimflow

Give your pool an upmarket look, fits into a standard aimflow fitting

Dual Safety Suction Port

Installed lower down in the pool as a 2nd suction point, if the pool water is lower that skimmer (in times of drought) you can run the pool from a lower level. This also make pool heating more efficient. The pool cleaner will be able to be connected to this port as well