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On 23 Aug Christie Swart from Stellenberg writes:

Dear Tom

We would like to thank you and your team for the renovation of our swimming pool.

The whole process form beginning to end was an absolute pleasure and all the info you provide us with from tile to pumps and cleaners.

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On 16 August 2018 Dr Bruce Howard wrote:


My pool recently developed large cracks and a major leak. I had a renovation and resurfacing of the pool and a new backwash system inserted. The work was done by Peninsular Pool Renovations and supervised by Tom Botha. The service and quality of the renovation was excellent. The quotation was well priced, the work was done timeously, the quality of the finishes excellent and the follow –up and handover process very professional.

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On 21 May 2018 Tony Walker wrote:

Peninsula Pool Renovations were extremely professional in their approach to my job. They completed everything on time and saved me having to co-ordinate multiple suppliers to get a range of pool-related work done.

Tony Walker, Pinelands

On 14 March 2017 Hugh Scholtz wrote:

I just want to thank "Peninsula Pool Renovations" for the work that they performed.  Please forward my thanks to the whole team, the civil guys, the fibreglass guys, everyone .

The renovation ended to be exactly as I envisaged, and your quote was clear and consise . 

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On 10 Nov 2016 Terry and Sharon Terblanche wrote:

We have a rather huge pool at our house and for many years our kids and their friends enjoyed Themselves after school and on weekends. Unfortunately, I could not say I enjoyed the pool as much because it took a real effort to maintain the pool.

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On 27 Sept 2016 Mark Stodel wrote:

Hi Tom

I just want to thank you for your professional service and follow through!

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On 14 Sept 2016 Glen wrote:

Our pool renovation has been a painless process thanks to Tom and team. The pool looks beautiful and we look forward to summer to be able to make lots of use of it.

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On 6 Sept Noordsig 3 Homeowners Association wrote:

Hi Tom

Peninsula Pool Renovations have renovated the swimming pool in the Complex to a very high standard.

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On 20 July 2016 Andries wrote:

Hi Tom

Thanks for sending Winston to come and rescue me from my stupidity.

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On 27 April 2016 Peter Sangiorgio wrote:

May I take this opportunity of complimenting the team headed by Richard who relined my marbelite pool with fibreglass. When I saw there was a team of 5 men in a confined area (+/-4m x 6m) I expected problems. This is based on my experience with painters over the years and the mess that has to be cleaned up.

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