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On 09 April 2016 Ockert Broodryk wrote:

The main issue we had with our pool was that it is more than 26 years old and looked very unattractive. The marblelite coating had become rough and there were also some unsightly stains that one could not remove. In some sections the coping was worn and cracked. The old mosaic band around the pool and on the steps looked old fashioned and faded as well. The paving was in a poor condition in certain places. In some areas the surface was not even or flat anymore. We lost interest in the pool and was on the brink to fill the pool with sand.

We then decided to have the pool and paving renovated. The pool needed a fibreglass lining and the paving needed to be redone.

We knew that it will not cost a few cents because of the size of the pool, a 55000 lt pool. So I went on the internet and looked for people doing renovation of pools but they must be affiliated with the National Spa & Pool Institute (NSPI). I found out of hundreds thee companies, one of which was Peninsula Pool Renovations. I contacted the three companies.

The first company’s representative came but I was not impressed with him because he took the measurements down on the back of his business card and when I asked about the paving he said they don’t do paving but he will forward me the name of a company that can do it.

The second company’s representative took the measurements more professional and said they do the paving and will include it in the quotation. When we received the quotation it was much more than what we expected and could afford.

We waited for Tom Botha from Peninsula Pool Renovations to visit us. Not only was he professional in his assessment of the work requested but also gave additional advice and suggestions to improve, not only the actual pool, but other aspects as well, which we agreed to have done. This was the installation of a salt water chlorinator, complete re-routing and re-plumbing of all the water lines and fittings, new skimmer box unit, installing 2 inlets instead of the one because the water will circulate better and the repositioning of the pool pump and filter system. We wanted a blue fibreglass lining. and a new mosaic band, dolphins. We requested new paving around the pool  and three sides between the pool and the walls also needed to be paved.

Needless to say that out of the thee quotations we received we accepted Tom’s quotation.

We are also satisfied with Tom and his team for doing the work. Although the renovation project was fairly big, we managed to remain within budget and the final outcome has been truly remarkable and successful. The pool looks like a new one and the investment has been well worth it. Everybody that sees the pool now ask if it is a new pool and if it is bigger.

We would definitely recommend Peninsula Pool Renovations as a suitable and competent pool renovation company.




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