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On 22 Jan 2015 Gilbert & Sylvia Kermis wrote:

The original issue we had with our pool was an underground leakage problem. Also, the pool being 21 years old looked very ‘tired’ and ‘unattractive’. The marblelite coating had become rough and there were also some unsightly stains that one could not remove. In some sections the coping was worn and cracked. The old mosaic band around the pool and on the steps looked old fashioned and faded as well. The pool light was damaged and also the surrounding paving was in a poor condition in certain places. In some areas the surface was not even or flat anymore.

The big decision was who to get hold of to do the renovations. Our local pool shop suggested we contact the National Spa & Pool Institute (NSPI) to get a list of suitable affiliated service providers. The NSPI sent us a list of recommended pool renovation companies, one of which was Peninsula Pool Renovations.

We approached Tom Botha from Peninsula Pool Renovations after perusing his web site. What also gave us some ‘peace of mind’ were the many positive testimonials that one could peruse on the web site. Tom arrived immediately after we contacted him. Not only was he thorough in his assessment of the work required and the relevant quotation provided but also gave additional advice and suggestions to improve, not only the actual pool, but other aspects as well, which we agreed to have done. This was the installation of a salt water chlorinator, complete re-routing and re-plumbing of all the water lines and fittings, new skimmer box unit, and the repositioning of the pool pump and filter system. The entire pool was resurfaced (marble plaster) and a new dark blue mosaic band was installed. A new LED blue pool light as well as an overflow pipe was installed. Other work done by Tom’s team was the installation of an additional and improved drainage system (for both overflow and backwash water) in and around the area as well as extending the paved walkway in the garden area nearby where the pool was situated.

We were also satisfied with Tom and his team when we had to re-schedule and extend the work programme due to bad weather. Tom’s crew were very good and efficient and his foreman, Ray, was extremely co-operative and helpful at all times. He also managed to supervise his team effectively. Tom also provides detailed “start-up” instructions as well as a pool “general maintenance” guide to all his customers. Due to his extensive knowledge and experience in the pool business Tom is able to give sound advice whenever necessary.

Although the renovation project was fairly big, we managed to remain within budget and the final outcome has been truly remarkable and successful. The pool looks like a new one and the investment has been well worth it.

We would definitely recommend Peninsula Pool Renovations as a suitable and competent pool renovation company.