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On 16 November 2012 Hylton of Glenhaven wrote:

I and my wife bought an old house that had an old plaster pool in the backyard.  The decision to have it renovated was not an easy one because of all the horror stories that we have heard from acquaintances in regards to expenses incurred due poor workmanship with having their pools renovated.

We tentatively decided to get a couple of quotes from pool renovators to see what we are getting ourselves into.  At quote stage Tom from Peninsula Pool renovations already had an edge over the other pool companies in that he arrived shortly after I have contacted him.  There was no follow up calls needed to inquire if he was still interested.  His quotes was also more detailed than his competitors eliminating the possibility of hidden costs associated with additional work needed to get the pool to its former glory.

This trend followed through the entire renovation with Tom always letting us know in advance as to his plans and always delivering on his promises.  Thereby eliminating any anxiousness, with ourselves, over the possibility that perhaps the wrong decision was made.

To say that we are happy with the end result would be an understatement as we are over the moon.  The pool looks fantastic and we have already clocked up a few hours spending time in the pool. 

I would gladly recommend Tom and his team to anyone thinking of having their pools renovated.



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