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We are closing on the 14th of December 2018 and will reopen on the 14th of January 2019. In the case of an emergency only (no pool cleanings will be done in this time) you can contact Winston on 083 535 7249. Any work done in this will be strictly COD. He will not be available on the 25th 26th of December 2018 and the 1st and 2nd of January 2019.

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Bull Shark Cleaner

Put your pool cleaning on "Cruise" control

The Bull Shark™ pool cleaner shares many of the design features of the original Kreepy Krauly® pool cleaner, the most popular automatic suction-side vacuum in history. Then we added performance features to make Bull Shark relentless in its pursuit of dirt and debris, while keeping it affordable and sensationally dependable. Bull Shark features a new, patented silent flapper design. This sole operational moving part creates the kinetic energy that powers Bull Shark around your pool. Elegantly simple and highly reliable, this dependable design has been proven in more than 3 million pools worldwide.

bull sharkOther features include:

  • Powerful vacuum action and extra-wide mouth capture large and small debris for spotless cleaning.
  • Patented seal design and built-in bumper help Bull Shark manoeuvre around obstacles for uninterrupted performance and total cleaning coverage.
  • Simple design for long, dependable life. Silent flapper is the only moving part, or diaphragm to replace.
  • Adjustable regulator valve and FREE flow gauge lets you set just the right speed for the most effective cleaning possible.
  • Installs in minutes-no tools required.

Supremely simple and relentless in the pursuit of dirt and debris

The Kreepy Krauly® Bull Shark™ pool cleaner is the ultimate in carefree operation. It comes fully assembled. Just add the seal and connect the hoses. No tools required and you're on "cruise" control in minutes. It even comes with a free flow gauge and adjustable speed control to ensure optimum performance.

Also, consider these other hands-free and reliability features:

  • Only one operational moving part…
    only 8 parts in total.
  • All parts are UV stable and chemical resistant for years of dependable service.
  • Sleek, compact design increases manoeuvrability for best cleaning performance.
  • Backed by the largest pool equipment company in the world.
  • Four-year limited warranty. See warranty for details.

To download the Adobe pdf Brochure, click here [File Size:6.46 mb]

Below are the various part codes in relation to image:

  1. K3090
    Bullshark Swivel assy
  2. K6132
    Bullshark Lid & lock assy
  3. K6130
    Bullshark Flapper
  4. Bullshark Mainbody
  5. K6129
    Bullshark Footpad
  6. K6128
    Bullshark Suction seal
  7. K8057
    Bullshark Bumper set
  1. K2002
    Hose 45˚ connector
  2. K1026
    Reg Valve adjustable
  3. K2075
    Hose weight C-clip
  4. K1027
    Flow Gauge
    Installation use only.
    (Remove once used)
  5. Standard leader hose
exploded bull shark


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